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Skills Training

Whether you’re just starting our or a seasoned pro our skills training will guide you into created incredible business videos that you can charge a premium for.

Business Training

Our Business Training is specifically tailored to film makers that want to be as good at sales & marketing as they are at creating great videos.

Done For You Content

Doing it all by yourself can be a daunting task, which is why we developed some incredible content that streamlines your business so you can focus on the craft of creating amazing videos.


Wheater you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro we want to help you take your skills to the next level. We’ll show you step by step how to create incredible business videos that you can charge a premium for. With our business training you’ll learn proven and practical approaches on how to promote and sell your work so you can live your passion.

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Join our awesome community of thousands of film makers all with the goal of helping each other. Post videos for a critique, help someone on a gear choice and share the knowledge and wins from the training. We have a 100% zero tolerance for any negativity so you don’t have to worry about bashing battles or trolls. Our members and community managers actively engage with the community and work to help anyway out whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro.

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Made by film makers

Our training is designed by professional film makers, so you’ll get realistic and practical advice every step of the way.

Quality Training

Our training is designed by professional film makers, so you’ll get realistic and practical advice every step of the way.

100% Video Based

All the training is 100% video-based so you’ll easily be able to watch, listen and repeat the steps explained in the content.

Detailed Explanations

All of our training have detailed explanations and actual client work examples. This way, you’ll get a great handle on every subject matter with excellent context.

Access Anywhere

Our training is 100% digital online, so you can access it anywhere with an internet connection. All the videos are privately streamed through Vimeo for excellent performance.

Download Content

You can download all the supporting content for each video such as slides, workbooks, checklist and even the videos!



Awesome Skills & Business Training

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We couldn’t have said it better ourselves


Mark DiNatale

“Using the course laid out by Mark & Gebbs, really showed me how to elevate the production value of my videos and to command the money that productions like this deserve.”


Scott Grainger

“I have been enlightened and inspired by your course.  The passion you talk about that is needed by your customers is returned in me. I have two clients that I was going to do your “basic” video shoot for video optimization.  HELL NO.  No more BASIC videos.  This “step up” to quality is now in me and I am sure this will get me new business, new ventures and a new vision.”


Lorenzo Salas Jr.

“Prior to this course I thought I had to spend thousands of dollars I didn’t have just to give my videos that Epic look…Instead, this course has saved me thousands of dollars and given me the confidence to charge my customers as much as 4x my regular price! Thank you Mark and Gebbs!”


Brent Dolan

“Since ordering the course I’m taking a whole new approach on how I do video.  You guys gave me the confidence to do so much more.  The course is straight forward and gives you a clear direction.  I can’t thank you guys enough!”

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Skills Courses

Our skills courses are focused on creating incredible business videos so you can charge a premium. You’ll learn step by step how to create stylized business videos that look great, tell a compelling story and help your client make money.

You’ll learn practical and realistic strategies whether you’re a one person band or a small group of film makers. We break down the approach so you know exactly what to do in and effective way.

Business Courses

Our business courses are designed to guide you through the entrepreneurship of owning a filming company. You’ll learn invaluable strategies and realistic tactics that will enable you to build a thriving film business.

We’ll teach you exactly what to do and how to do is so you can increase your marketing, leads and sales. With a core focus on business films specifically for film makers you won’t find anything like this online.


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Advanced Selling  + Done for you content  DVD
New DVD Covers Template
New DVD Covers Template

Done For You Content

Whether you’re a one man band or a small team doing everything can be a very overwhelming task. Our done for you content is specifically designed to streamline your process and save you massive amounts of time.

With professionally developed DONE FOR YOU content you’ll have the confidence with your sales and marketing, so you can focus on getting the gig and creating incredible videos.


Being a film maker and truly living your passion is a thrilling lifestyle. We hope to guide you in increasing your skills so you charge a premium for your work and provide with the business skills to crush it in your business.

Mark Wonderlin: Trainer

Called the “Video Ninja,” Mark has created hundreds of videos in both the corporate and small business world. With a solid marketing background and knack for creating cool content, Mark will explain what he does to create business and brand videos that sell.


  • Horns Illustrated
  • Indeed
  • Budget Blinds
  • Woodhouse Day Spa
  • Schutt Sports
  • Many local businesses


Mosaic Media Films YouTube

Mark Solo
GEBBs No BKG - Scale

Michael Gebben aka GEBBS: Trainer

Making insanely cool videos since birth and known for the “Same Day Edit”, GEBBS has worked with some of the coolest brands and people on the planet such as Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss and hundreds of brides throughout the world.


  • Tony Robbins
  • Richard Branson
  • Tim Ferriss
  • The Buried Life
  • Countless Brides


GEBBS TV Jumpstarters